Our aim at Online Slot Master, is to provide genuine content that will help enhance your online slot playing experience. All our reviews are based on genuine gameplay probably totalling thousands of hours over many years!

Given that our reviews are honest, it is only right that we tell you what makes it possible for us to be here in the first place. What keeps our lights on? What keeps the website running? The answer is simply advertising. However, there’s a little more to it.

All around the website, you will see adverts for online casinos. They do not pay us to show their ads as such, but they will pay us a commission of you use our link to sign up to them, and go on to play. This comes under the heading of affiliate marketing, and this is basically what pays to keep us going.

There are many other websites that run the same way. However, unlike most others, Online Slot Master is not a company. You can tell this by the fact that we don’t yet have thousands of reviews. We are a small group of novices that love playing slots and love learning how to build nice websites. Writing content and designing the site takes time, and we do this around our full-time jobs!

So if you do enjoy reading our reviews and want to play for yourself, it would be super if you make use of our links. It doesn’t cost you anything and you’ll get free spins and bonuses! it also helps us carry on writing content for the site.



Just like the slots we write about, there will be differing opinions as to the quality of any online casino. For example, one of the casinos we promote is Videoslots. We have always had great service from them, but of course some may have had a different experience. This will be true for all the casinos we promote. However, you can always be sure that any casino promoted by Online Slot Master will always be fully licensed and regulated. Therefore, you can be certain that if you ever did have a complaint you retain consumer protection.

We will be providing full reviews shortly on all the casinos we promote, but they will never pay us for more favourable reviews. Frankly we would never entertain this even if they would. You can be assured that any review of them will be based on genuine experience.



At Online Slot Master, we are fully aware that we are writing content that may lead to problems for some further down the line. Gambling in any form can be addictive. However, we have gone out of our way to ensure that the only reason you will be here is because you will have searched for online slot reviews. Our website is aimed at adults and we would never point it in the direction of children, or those vulnerable to gambling addiction. If you do happen to fall into that category, we would urge you to leave and go watch some Netflix instead. Don’t waste your time with ‘The Watcher’ though. It really is rubbish.

Any casino we promote will always have a robust policy on safer gambling. We will never promote a casino that doesn’t have this. If you want to know what safety measures they should be implementing, then check out our responsible gambling section where you can make use of the links if you feel you need to.



With all that said, we really do hope you enjoy our website and get some use from it. We are working very hard to bring you more reviews and features, so it would be great if you bookmark us and come back soon.